Small Wonders

Paulo Coelho
Small wonders for Paulo Coelho - Credit

January  17, 2012

Knowing you through every pages of  "Al-Chemist". Hearing you talk about a piece of miracle called "Beginner's luck", I was young at the time,but i feel it,and in that slight moment, you've become a legend within my mind.

Years pass by, my heart jumps, every times i seen your books in the shelves of every bookstore that i passed, i bought it one at the time. They accompany when im on the bottom of my life. Once again you made me realize about so many miracle God's have, about the world, and about life

Do you believe one at a time i crawl from the bottom of my life just to see the truth behind every miracle you've told? i live with fear, but running and hiding never gave me courageous furthermore happiness. You once said:
“If you do not face your feras, they will chase you forever”
“When your legs are tired, walk with your heart. But please don’t stop”
From you i learn that  writing is one of the path toward every miracle in life.

With Respect,
Evi SR

Evi Sri Rezeki
Evi Sri Rezeki

Selamat datang di dunia Evi Sri Rezeki, kembarannya Eva Sri Rahayu *\^^/* Dunia saya enggak jauh-jauh dari berimajinasi. Impian saya mewujudkan imajinasi itu menjadi sebuah karya. Kalau bisa menginspirasi seseorang dan lebih jauhnya mengubah peradaban ^_^

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